Retour de la NBA, préparez la Red Bull et vos abonnements Bein Sports...les nuits vont être courtes !

Back from the NBA, prepare the Red Bull and your Bein Sports subscriptions... the nights are going to be short!

The NBA season resumes tonight!

After the 2021-2022 title obtained by the Golden State Warriors, against the Boston Celtics, it's time for a new season, exciting and at the same time full of uncertainties and questions: (spoiler if you go to the end of this article, we are there to help you find the answers by coming with us to the land of Uncle Sam).

  • Who will succeed Steph Curry's Warriors? The (bad) prono advice from the Gate-One team: The Spurs and their odds of 500 at the bookmakers, if this miracle takes place, 5€ bet and you reimburse your trip.
  • Which Frenchy will go the furthest with their franchise? Batman, Gobzilla....or our new French citizen Joel Embiid.
  • Will Lebron James overtake Kareem Abdul Jabbar with the record number of points scored? Or will he help the Lakers break the regular season losing streak?
  • Will Anthony Davis and James Harden play more than 40 games? And will they decide to break out the clipper to change their hair style?

So many questions that we are currently asking ourselves. The best way to get to the United States with us to see the NBA spectacle for yourself.

Like almost every year (cf. covid19) since 2014, we have been organizing trips with the French Basketball Federation to go to the United States and see the best players of Team France Basket (Nicolas Batum, Rudy Gobert, Evan Fournier, Frank Ntilikina and others).

If you are tempted by adventure, we suggest you experience dream trips, with surprises and expert guides from the USA, who are also quite nice.

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